Francis Lai — Bilitis

2008-10-27 01:35:00
Francis Lai is one of these guys that are truly workhorses of cinematical aural component. I'm not going to list his other famous works just for sake of listing, give him a try on Wikipedia. This record in particular is a bit different since the movie itself balances on the edge of legality and such things usually draw some serious attention — look at Maladolescenza for another example. They could shoot good movies back in the 70s! Commonly considered a softcore, the film explores themes of underage intimacy and coming of age...
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Mylène Farmer — Point De Suture

2008-10-27 01:32:00
It's quite hard to explain what was expected from Mylene Farmer, female sex idol of my teenhood. She certainly never was into Bjork-ish experiments or, on the other hand, straight pop like Kate Ryan, but one of her distinguishing features was innovation. Seems like on this album the idea suffered a breakdown. It took me a while to get into the album musically, I was trying to catch old tricks of her music and couldn't . One can claim that's about what had happened with Depeche Mode on Playing The Angel, but a bit different in this case. What is there, however, is a move towards dance rhythmical music (can I say 'eurodance' without putting Mylene to shame?). There is some beauty in songs, there are songs that are tonic, but ...
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