2007-09-25 13:16:00
Well, I somehow managed to miss 80.000th track this time. Counting back tracks, found out it was Modeselektor - EM Ocean. Nothing special, really, I would prefer another Kraftwerk's one instead, of course.

BTW it was not my fault. Last.FM was showing 79.985 when I went off last night, and now they recalculated and I'm framed. Anyway :)

Bill Drummond's books on the internet

2007-09-11 14:35:00
I've OCR'ed two books by Bill Drummond (of The KLF, Timelords and The JAMs fame) so you can find them on eMule network if you want:

Bill Drummond - "45":
"[F]rom the outer edges of pop" comes 45, a hilarious, self-scrutinizing memoir of sorts by member of British pop-band KLF Bill Drummond (coauthor of Bad Wisdom), writing in his 45th year. Fueled by a blurry but purposeful "love of pop's backwater" (also defined as "unsuccessful... [d]eluded... cheap and nasty and mistaken" pop music), he travels several times to Helsinki sometimes with his kids, often with heavy metal rocker Mark Manning, aka Zodiac Mindwarp to record such bands on the label he owns. Mainly, Drummond proffers what every pop-music intellectual and intellectual fan of pop music dreams of a jaded, devotional, well-wrought tribute to and mockery of his ridiculous and glorious art.
Bill Drummond - "45"

Bill Drummond - "Wild Highway":
Bill Drummond and Mark Manning's second trip was to Zaire, a jungle hell on the verge of bloody civil war, where they traveled down-river in search of the ghost of Conrad's Kurtz. By turns hilarious and horrifying, Wild Highway will cement the reputation of Drummond and Manning not only as cutting-edge writers, but as two of the most dangerous and subversive "pranksters" of the fledgeling 21st century.
Bill Drummond - "Wild Highway"