It's easy as 1-2-3.

2006-06-05 05:07:00
My list of personally hightly adored yet publicly underestimated names in music.

A - Abfahrt Hinwil
Twist (that knob) and shout.

B - Bochum Welt
Computer... sorry, Bochum. Welt, yes.

C - Choir of the Brethren of Valaam Monastery
There's a place up north that preserved Byzanthium.

D - D-Pulse
They saw a meteor from the Eiffel Tower. I wish I could.

E - Esquivel
Exploring new sounds in Stereo?

F - Fin
I don't know any Jarre.

G - Goldmund
It is time already to press another key?

H - Helge Schneider
DJ Helge ist da.

I - Ian Widgery
Remix projects or school teaching, maybe?

J - Jean-Philippe Rameau
Harpsichord is dead, long live harpsichord!

K - Kettel
Little duck, when is our day? Tomorrow???

L - Little Computer People
Can't you see them on the screen?.

M - Maps & Diagrams
I'll get lost without these maps.

N - Nogaku
Imperial mint garden

O - Orthodox Serbian Choir
Thou art in heaven.

P - Panta Rhei
Is there Lenin Streen in Budapest?

Q - Quincy Jones
Oh, Austin, behave!

R - Roland Orzabal
You have your studio, Roland! Go on!

S - Saint Preux
Give me his address, I'll send him a duster for a piano.

T - Telex
How do I dance? You shouldn't have asked.

U - Ulrich Schnauss
Is there a chance to go up? Or to the north when you're at the very North Pole?

V - Vladimir Cosma
Gerard D.? Pierre R.?

W - Watazumi Doso
^.^ is not about him.

X - Xela
What does it mean anyway?

Y - Yello
Can I say they're really underestimated?

Z - Zofka
I can't ride a velosiped.