How I changed my mind about Latvia in 5 minutes

2006-05-31 11:33:00

Прочитал статью за 5 минут и буквально не поверил своим глазам. Статья фактически опровергает всё то, что навязано новостями и прочей лабудой за последние годы. Невероятно. Оказывается, правительство Латвии, судя по всему, интересные и заслуживающие уважение люди. Госпожа Президент, премьер-министр, спикер Сейма - все!

Пусть у них всё будет хорошо, честное слово.


2006-05-30 07:02:00
There's something wrong with Last.FM engine since it doesn't display all those zillions of records that I've been listening to all these days. Dozens of records were waiting for me and now their time has come.

On a Memorial Day I was raping computer memory, mostly. Instant encoding and playback is up now.

Reading a book on papacy in the XX century, what a wonderful institution, so full of hypocrisy and so short (if not to say empty) of real belief.

Spent 8 hours behind the wheel yesterday and my head got swollen because of the lectures I was listening then. Thinking now if my goddaughter will be willing to listen to them someday.

You Choose

2006-05-24 08:20:00
I know the new Pet Sho Boys album is out now, yet it's not about it. It's about the previous one, "Release".

I originally pulled it down from AudioGalaxy back in 2002, just in time for my birthday to listen to "Birthday Boy".

In a year I gave it out as a gift and it would have been rejected if there was a chance to do so.

Year later I was driving a real long way skipping to "You Choose" every time the song was coming to an end.

I have a tendency to lay on a sofa under a blanket sometimes and suffer. It's like spasms but more on the emotional side. Then I need something that would suppress me, melt me inside. In general, I am a man who licks his old wounds quite often. Now I'm doing it by "You Choose".