Hatchback — Colors Of The Sun

2009-04-18 16:48:00
Believe it or not, I only wanted to write some review for the fresh stuff in my library and already started to complain about Hatchback's musical simplicity, when after a couple minutes into a song I realized it isn't so, he is actually more thick and polychromatic than I thought he was. Analog synths and basic drum machines do their job very well in Hatchback's hands, the output is well lush and attractive. Atmospheric moods, anthems of stargazers, oh, how I really love this sort of music. Continue reading the entire review: Hatchback — Colors Of The Sun

Archive — Controlling Crowds

2009-04-18 16:46:00
Enjoyable work from Archive! I become unreasonably weak when depressive music delivers lyrics that basically describe me the present or the past, I just can't stand it, I fall into it. "Come touch me like I’m an ordinary man / Have a look in my eyes" — really, such things turn me on, no kidding.Continue reading the entire review: Archive — Controlling Crowds

Anoraak — Nightdrive With You

2009-04-18 16:42:00
Some songs that stand one after another on the album are written in the same key as well, it makes an impression of some non-stop monotonous sausage. Anoraak, honestly, be more playful next time, put some more effort. It's not particularly a bad album, but you definitely sound like you're capable of something more decent.Continue reading the entire review: Anoraak — Nightdrive With You

System — Self Organising System

2009-04-18 16:39:00
This is VERY similar to the sonic ideology of Kraftwerk, yet it's not the type of music Kraftwerk would make in 2008, System is pure techno-pop, driving, alt-dancefloor oriented, but it's pulsating, all the voices are nicely vocoded. These songs are mostly a gospel to machinery and (semi-)artificial intelligence. Role of a human in the lyrics is diminished and people are somewhat even humiliatedContinue reading the entire review: System — Self Organising System

Pet Shop Boys — Yes

2009-04-18 16:35:00
Pet Shop Boys is the most large-size pop outfit in the world right now. This is the noble and aristocratic music with its beautiful harmonies and well-balanced lyrics and expressions. The band has such a royal status that they share with Tchaikovsky something more that is seen on a CD cover booklet — a sense and talent for imperial pop art.Continue reading the entire review: Pet Shop Boys — Yes

Cloudspeak — Päike Ja Jää

2009-04-18 16:31:00
Cloudspeak play easy listening pop music with soft jazz influences, it's all quite mellow and melodic. Actually, Cloudspeak is a bipolar band. There's a dreamy sonic and explorative influence coming from Paavo and more traditionally songwriting talent of Kadi Uibo, a nice looking lady-singer. And while Paavo lifts the overall mood of the record with his passages on "Läheb Jälle Soojaks", Kadi tends to create lyrical songs like "White Tower" and "If My Heart".Continue reading the entire review: Cloudspeak — Päike Ja Jää