2006-03-08 08:43:00

Stuff, stuff, stuff. Busy, as always. Gifts, preparations, calls, everything is twitching. Jeans, shirts, shoes. Recalculation of numerous video files. Million stories are being left untold. No mood for new music at the moment (that's sad) so old favorites playlist is on rotation all the time.

Some bastard parking his car close to me at night can't get his alarm fixed so it wakes people up every half an hour.

Birthday is coming and I expect some people to come see me. There's a saying the old friend is better two new ones, but probably not in my case, especially when it comes to some particular persons who used to be close but then screwed.

And in general, the need for something deep is probably brewed already. But maybe it has already happened long time ago and I didn't notice.