The happiest music on Earth

2006-02-26 23:34:00
While everyone thinks happiness is "bigger faster more" or a rich husband or whatever, all tend to real happiness. Which is repetition of comfortable things and situations. The more they repeat (ideally - non stop) the happier you are.

When you meet friends every Friday night in a sports bar, when you get your salary on a known basis etc. - these are little brick of happiness in life. Acknowledged forms of happy trance and repetition are also sex, fast driving, series of soccer penalty kicks, tv nights with soap operas and many many other things.

The happiest music on Earth is Kraftwerk. They are the triumph of trance and repetition.

Smoked sausage

2006-02-22 02:52:00
I want smoked sausage. Hot tea in a cup that would not run out. To get under a blanket and watch football (the soccer one) or that retro french movie about Fantomas.